Build a centre of literacy excellence in your school

All Aboard makes phonics lessons easy for teachers and fun for children

Complete systematic synthetic phonics programme 

Simple, easy-to-follow lesson plans and intervention processes

All lesson resources available to download for free

What is All Aboard Phonics?

All Aboard Phonics is a completely integrated systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) teaching tool, designed by teachers to make phonics sessions easier to deliver and progress more consistent across every class. This is how:

  • Each lesson plan is consistent and includes the resources needed for the day
  • The curriculum is proven and includes assessment to monitor progress
  • The integrated intervention processes are structured for 100% success
  • The online teacher training is short and relevant, with golden tips rather than waffle
  • The complementary decodable book library is varied and actually fun to read!

Free Lessons and Resources

Daily lesson plans and accompanying resources based on the proven Letters and Sounds design by the UK government.
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Printed Resources

You can print all our lessons resources for free from the PDFs we share with you, but we also have a full set of beautifully finished printed materials that we can send to you.
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Regionalised Curricula

All Aboard is designed to work in harmony with different dialects and with different school system requirements around the world.
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Decodable Books

We are building a complete set of short decodable books that integrate with the curriculum in the manuals, week by week.
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Free Online Micro-Training Resources

We use a menu of bite-sized online training sessions, which are convenient for teachers to access and allow consistency to be maintained across the whole team at any time.
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All Aboard Home Reading App

Our app will allow any parent with a smartphone or tablet to do a short reading session that is fully scaffolded for success.
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Free Integrated Intervention Processes

In our All Aboard Phonics Plus manual you will have a simple evaluation process to determine what is causing the difficulty for a child. That will then set what the intervention plan needs to be for that child.
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Bespoke Resources Created for Free!

We are happy to create any resource that you ask for free of charge, if we think it will be useful for our other clients too.
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