How to Get Started

We believe the best way to evaluate All Aboard Phonics is to have a look at a full printed set of the resources. So we are happy to send those to you free of charge. 

You can then use them with your children and there will be no charge for any damage or loss of the materials! We want you to see them in action.

We hope you will like the system and choose to keep the evaluation copy. You can then order more printed materials or print your own from the PDFs we share with you.

Step 1: Get Your Free Evaluation Copy

In your evaluation copy you will receive a full set of the manuals, the lesson resources and classroom resources like our wall posters. You will also get a sample of our decodable book library.

Just ask your school administrator to send us an email to with details of the school and who we should send the evaluation copy to.

If You Choose Not to Continue:

If you choose not to continue with All Aboard Phonics, then all we ask is that you put the manuals back in their box and the posters back in their tube, so that we can pick them up again. The other resources we will leave with you as a gift!

Don’t worry if any of the stuff is lost or damaged. There will be no chaIf rge.

If You Like All Aboard Phonics:

We really hope you like All Aboard Phonics! If you do decide you want to use All Aboard Phonics with your class, we will invoice the school just £50 for the whole evaluation pack, as a special introductory price.

You are then free to order more printed copies or you can print them out yourself from our free PDFs.