The All Aboard team have been working in literacy since 2008 as part of Oxford Learning Solutions Ltd. 

Most of our research has been with struggling readers. By understanding the cause of difficulty for each child and testing different solutions to their personal challenges, we have developed a unique understanding of the learn-to-read journey.

That process has involved helping over 10,000 struggling readers reach grade level in their reading, despite often being 2+ years behind. And the success rate has risen slowly to over 99%.

All of that research and acquired knowledge has gone into All Aboard Phonics and All Aboard Phonics Plus. We have combined that research on individual children with the knowledge and experience of classroom teachers, to create a practical solution in a normal class setting.

We are also fitting the learning process to the expectations of national and state education departments. Right now we have a version fitting the UK government’s expectations for a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) package of materials, but we have versions for US core curriculum in development too. That will be followed by curricula for individual US states, Australia and New Zealand.

Our eventual aim is to have a literacy solution for each language too.