How to Get Started

We believe the best way to evaluate All Aboard Phonics is to have a look at a full printed set of the resources. So we are happy to send an evaluation copy to you free of charge. 

If you choose to keep it, we will invoice you just £175 for the complete set on a special discount. You will then have access to free downloads of all the lesson resources.

Step 1: Sneak Peek the Phase 2 Manual

You can get a sneak peek of the Phase 2 Manual below. That will show you:

  • The simple lesson plans for each day (see page 22).
  • The full set of resources included with each lesson plan.
  • The structure of the programme, following the Letters and Sounds guidance (see page 9).

We hope that it seems logical and easy to pick-up-and-teach with!

You will see that this is our regional version for the North of England.

Step 2: Get Your Free Evaluation Copy

If you like the Phase 2 Manual, we can send you a full evaluation pack for your team to dig around in.

In your evaluation copy you will receive a full set of the manuals, the lesson resources and classroom resources like our wall posters. You will also get a sample of our decodable book library.

To get the evaluation copy, just fill in the form below: