The All Aboard Phonics SSP

All Aboard Phonics is our set of systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) materials for use in your classrooms. Our focus is to deliver everything you need to become a centre of literacy excellence. 

Here’s how:

1) The difference between excellent results (95+% success) and average results (85% success) is only the 3-4 struggling readers in each class. We are specialists at making sure that your struggling readers are not left behind.

2) Our main phonics programme is full of strong visual cues for the phonics. They engage the children and our general nautical theme leads to a lot of easy fun for the children. Only engaged children learn optimally and these lessons allow most of the children to progress well in these mainstream group sessions.

3) There are usually a few children in each class who find progress harder and struggle to keep up. Then our unique intervention process is the key for you to assess and support those children. 

Our mission is 100% success and we have experience from working directly with over 15,000 struggling readers that we can share with you.

A Complete Set of Downloadable Resources

The lesson plan for each day is laid out in an easy, consistent way and the resources needed for each lesson are included in the manual too, directly alongside the lesson plan.

The curriculum is based on the proven Letters and Sounds design, but is updated and extended into a fully resourced tool for your teachers. They will have everything they need right to hand in each manual.

And best of all… if you have at least one printed set of our lesson resources, you can download digital copies to print off at no further cost. Just ask us for access to the download files.

Regionalised Curricula

All Aboard is designed to work in harmony with different dialects and with the different school system requirements around the world. 

We believe All Aboard Phonics is unique in this way. It is designed to be the first local-but-global phonics tool. You get the resources of a global solution, but tailored to your local need.

Free Training Resources

The training processes offered for phonics teaching are often awkward to attend and very expensive. We do not believe that is necessary with modern technology.

Instead, we use a menu of bite-sized online training sessions, which are convenient for teachers to access and allow consistency to be maintained across the whole team at any time.

On top of those online resources, we are doing regular twilight zoom sessions and regional in-person events. You can also pick up the phone to chat with us at any time! You can read more about our training here.

Integrated Intervention Processes

Our particular expertise at All Aboard Learning is how to help those children in each class who find phonics hard. You can see comments from teachers and parents who we have worked with on our Easyread Facebook page. You can also see the independent academic study of our intervention processes here.

In our All Aboard Phonics Plus manual you will have a simple evaluation process to determine what is causing the difficulty for a child. That will then set what the individualised education plan needs to be for that child.

Moving from good to excellent results in literacy is driven by how you help these struggling learners. We can partner with you to aim for 100% success each year.

Printable Resources

You can print all our lessons resources for free from the PDFs we share with you, but we also have a full set of beautifully finished printed materials that we can send to you. 

The first step in getting started with All Aboard Phonics is for us to send you a sample pack of our printed resources to evaluate.

Decodable Books

We have a complete set of short decodable books that integrate with the curriculum, week by week. We will send you examples of our books in our sample pack of materials.

I think you will find our books have a fresh new set of stories and nonfiction subjects, with beautiful illustrations and images. We have tried to make them entertaining for the adult as well as the learner.

We print them with very large text to help the children who have difficulties focusing on small text. That means they can also be used in small group settings as presentation books.

Free Home Reading App Coming

We are also about to publish a complementary home reading app. It has been 3 years in development.

The aim is to make home reading sessions more likely to happen and more successful, by reducing the stress and increasing the fun. The core of the app, with these daily structured reading sessions based around games, will be free. 

If you want to add our library of ebooks, there will be an annual subscription charge, but it will save you the cost of all those lost books and you will be able to monitor exactly how much reading is getting done by each learner.

Bespoke Resources Created for Free!

All Aboard Phonics is designed around what will work best for you and the rest of your team. That is our focus.  So we are happy to create any resource that you ask for free of charge, if we think it will be useful for our other schools too. Your ideas can become part of All Aboard Phonics!

If you want to take a look at a sample pack of the All Aboard materials, just ask us for an evaluation pack:

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