It is our aim to make the All Aboard Phonics approach available to anyone. So the core materials for delivering All Aboard Phonics lessons are free to download. No budget is required to implement All Aboard Phonics.

There are resources that have a cost to generate, like printed materials, personal support and certain online systems. So we will need to charge for those. And the income from those resources allow us to keep researching and developing the system, for everyone’s benefit.

We believe that the paid-for resources we offer make good sense to invest in. But the choice is entirely up to each school.

Free Resources

This is what can be accessed for free:

  • All our All Aboard Phonics manuals for Phases 2-5.
  • Our All Aboard Phonics Plus manual for interventions with any children falling behind.
  • Other printable resources like flashcards.
  • Our online training system.
  • Our All Aboard app for home reading practice.

Paid-For Resources

  • Printed versions of all our resources.
  • Premium Membership (£350/$500 per class per annum), including:
    • Premium support services such as class upload and personal consultancy
    • Premium app features, such as progress dashboard and ebook library
    • Discounted printed resources