All Aboard Phonics Training

Our training will help unlock every teacher’s potential to achieve greater success in the classroom for every child. Whether you are an NQT or an experienced teacher or a teaching assistant, we believe that we can bring something new and useful to every member of staff. We provide a range of options for training that we hope will suit every need and budget.

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Self-Paced Online Training

As one of the schools using All Aboard Phonics, you receive exclusive access to our online training suite. This resource is free for any school using All Aboard Phonics.

These courses provide an interactive and flexible way to study at your own pace. They are designed to be bite-sized and easy to consume, but the courses will equip you with the key skills, knowledge and understanding you need to teach the programme effectively to your class. 

On demand training means that you can get started with All Aboard Phonics with no delay! These are some of our online training topics:

  • All Aboard Phonics Introduction
  • All Aboard Phonics Teacher Manuals and Lesson Plans
  • How to Teach an All Aboard Phonics Lesson
  • The Decodable Book Library
  • All Aboard Assessment Processes
  • All Aboard Phonics Intervention Processes

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Fortnightly Webinars

We run fortnightly phonics training sessions at 4pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can pick the day which fits your school schedule best.

Attendance is based on a school subscription. Any number of teachers and TAs can attend either day if your school has subscribed. The cost of an annual subscription is just £50 plus VAT per month, with a setup cost of £100. You can cancel at any time.

The sessions are interactive and therefore we do not record them, but we will share resources after each session so that a member of your team can cascade the knowledge through any colleagues who cannot attend.

Upcoming Webinars

  • 21st October –  Dealing With Eye Tracking Weakness and Contrast Sensitivity
    Your children have had an eye test, but big text is easier for a lot of them than small text. Why is that? And how can you make small text easy too in a matter of days?
  • 3rd November – 3 Golden Tips for Your Parents
    If your parents are engaged and effective with their home reading routine, it is going to make your life so much easier!
  • 24th November – How to Spot a Child at Risk of Falling Behind
    Start to deal with a weakness before it is causing significant frustration.
  • 9th December – Understanding How to Use the AAP Resources
    There are lots of resources you can employ. Here is a run-through of how they have been designed and what other teachers have said works for them.
  • 10th January – The Essentials of Teaching Synthetic Phonics
    Teaching phonics well is a considerable skill. Here are the key things to think of.
  • 26th January – Dealing With the Most Common Cause of Reading Difficulty
    We have spent the past 20 years researching this issue and the best solutions to it! Don’t miss this week.
  • 24th February – Delivering Successful Phonics in Special Needs Schools
    We have seen children with a range of significant challenges learn to read when nobody thought it was possible for them. We are not experts in this area ourselves, but we will share some of the tips and stories their specialist teachers have shared with us.

New dates and topics will be added throughout the school year

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Regional Training

We are running two day deep-dive training sessions around the country. This will be a chance for your staff to take their phonics knowledge and practice to the next level. 

We are confident there will be useful knowledge for any attendee, even after many years of experience in the classroom. In ten years of delivering this content, we have never had someone give the feedback that they “knew it all”! Check the sort of feedback we do get below.


The in-person training is £550 plus VAT per attendee.

Upcoming Dates 

Oxford – 2/3rd March 2022
Exeter – 16/17th March 2022
Leeds – 30/31st March 2022
Brighton – 27/28th April 2022
Cambridge –  11/12th May 2022
London –  25/26th May 2022

Our regional training will provide you with everything you need in order to teach and lead All Aboard Phonics successfully in your school. We will cover:

  • What is phonics?
  • What are the alternatives and why is phonics a better option?
  • Why Systematic Synthetic Phonics?
  • The fundamentals of teaching phonics
  • How the All Aboard Phonics approach works
  • The 3 key tips to give your parents
  • Tracking and assessment
  • How to spot when a child is at risk of falling behind
  • How to identify the causes of difficulty for an individual child
  • How to bring a tailored intervention that focuses on the cause of difficulty
  • 100% success: fantasy or possibility?

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Meet Your Lead Trainers

David Morgan

David Morgan is the founder and lead educationalist of All Aboard Learning. His research focus has been literacy partly because he himself struggled to learn to read. David’s first degree was in mechanical engineering. He also has a Master’s degree in Education. David helped establish the Shannon Trust, a prison literacy charity, before setting up DM Education. He has over 20 years of experience working with literacy for children, youths and adults.

Katie Selwood

Katie has a BA (hons) in Primary Education from the University of Brighton and started her career teaching Key Stage 1 in Oxfordshire, where she led the phonics teaching programme throughout the school. She has worked with all age groups, from nursery to Year 6 in a number of schools in the UK. With a passion for improving literacy, she is dedicated to supporting both parents and teachers to improve outcomes for children with reading difficulties. In more recent years she has been working as a Literacy Advisor at David Morgan Education, delivering training to schools and supporting parents of children with reading difficulties.

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"Thank you to all three of you for coming all that way with so many fantastic resources. The training was superb and staff are really buzzing, including those that are often harder to convince. I can’t wait to get going!"
Craig, Literacy Lead, Pennine View
"The training is really good, I've been teaching phonics for years and I'm still learning something. I like that it was backed with research. Thank you!"
St Frideswide Primary School
"I found all the sessions useful and very informative in ways to help children and support them. It is a great course that will help you gain knowledge in how to support children with their reading."
Blackshaw Primary School
"It has really helped me to analyse what exactly is going on when a child is struggling. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this. It has given me lots to take away and a focus for reviewing my practice."
Ash C of E Primary School
"It has been very useful and eye opening!"
Bardney Primary School
"I really enjoyed the course and am looking forward to starting to use some of the techniques discussed."
Mayesbrook Park School
"The training was engaging and interesting!"
Rolvenden Primary School

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